Engineering Services:

ECS offers a comprehensive range of computer aided engineering services based on the segments for Automotive as well as General Engineering.

For Automotive sector, we have expertise in the area of Crash, NVH & Strength Analysis. We have hands of experience on the simulations for high speed impacts as per different regulations viz. US-NCAP and Euro-Ncap. We have also successfully executed the FE modelling of the complete Bus model and carried out the Bus Roll over analysis.

For General Engineering Sector Services, we have expertise in carrying out specific analysis. We provide complete Finite element modelling and Analysis of the complex engineering systems. We provide the solution to practical problems. In a nutshell, we do Pressure Vessel Design and Analysis, Heat Exchanger Design and Analysis, Piping Stress Analysis, Finite Element Analysis. Some of the specifically carried out analysis projects for our clients involved and which represents the above mentioned areas are as mentioned below:

  • Static analysis of the structure.
  • Modal Analysis to calculate the natural frequencies.
  • Vibration Analysis.
  • Transient / Thermal analysis of the heat exchanger..
  • Couple field Analysis for the vessels.
  • Transmission loss in the muffler.
  • Fatigue life evaluation.
  • Nonlinear Buckling analysis.
  • Response Spectrum analysis.

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