General Engineering:

In General Engineering oil and gas industry is very engineering intensive with extensive requirements for exploration, drilling and operations. ECS services in this area are currently concentrated in piping and structural analysis and expanding steadily.
In piping, the ECS capabilities include
  • Piping design, pipe stress analysis, piping and equipment layouts etc.

Whereas ECS Structural capabilities include:
  • Structural Scantling Calculations as per Classification Rules.
  • Classical Hand Calculations using Spreadsheets.
  • 3D Framework Structural Analysis.
  • Finite Element Structural Analysis.
  • Platform Global Structural Analysis.

In Mechanical, ECS has expertise in carrying out following specific analysis.
  • Structural Analysis.
  • Thermal Analysis.
  • Coupled Field Analysis.
  • Transient Analysis.
  • Fatigue life evaluation.

In Instrumentation engineering ECS capabilities are:

  • Logic Development and preparation of Cause & Effect diagrams.
  • DCS/PLC engineering & I/O List.
  • Preparation of JB and cable schedule.
  • Layout for Instrument / JB / Cable trays for Field & Control room F&G & PA System.
  • Communication Network Design.