Echelon has delivered several meshing activities as per Crash, NVH and Strength analysis.

We have carried out the meshing activities (shell meshing / solid meshing) using software’s Hypermesh and Ansa. We have expertise in meshing activities for sheet metal and plastic parts. We have successfully executed the hexahedral meshing activities as well.

We regularly carry out FE modelling i.e. assembly work at the subsystem levels (including different types of connections) required to prepare the deck as per various solvers like LS-Dyna, Abaqus, Nastran, Pam-Crash and Ansys. Some of the frequent sub assembly level work successfully delivered includes following assemblies:

  • BIW assembly.
  • Door and Door trims.
  • Instrument Panels (IP) assembly.
  • Bumper assembly.
  • Engine assembly.